The Company

Starting from the cooperation of Roberto Bacchini and Paola Fabbri, was established in 1987 La Romagnola P.A., a project with a clear and
specific aim: producing pasta with cereals from organic agriculture. At the time, believing in organic food, was a real challenge but, keeping on firmly for over 25 years, has meant a successful project for the two pioneers who, among endless bureaucratic and ethic difficulties, have been able to bring to perfection various techniques for cereal manufacturing.

In 1990 Roberto and Paola imported, absolutely first all over ltaly, Kamul: thanks to a rigorous stone-milling carried out by local mills, they have created “pasta at km.0″, a sophisticated 360° project which offers the possibility to get a quality product at a competitive price. Subsequently was started the manufacturing of pasta from alternative cereals like Dicoccurn spelt, rye, barley, Senatore Cappelii, maize, rice, and also from cultivable hemp and officinal herbs.

Professionality, care and a scrupulous check of the various steps all over the manufacturing process, the careful selection of all raw materials as well, transform any time our products into actual gourmet food.

Our company, thanks to its geographic location, is considered a ”natural oasis”, practically a part of the scenery offered by the Regional Park of the Po Delta; we are thus in the position to have as our guests all those who choose organic and natural routes for tourism and holiday, for sure the best way to taste our products and enjoy an unforgettable landscape: all that is still today the proper philosophy of La Romagnola which, for so many years, has been working hard as far as the valorization of the organic is concerned.